your blend – your beauty

the vision…

With the development of the COSMIX product line, a long-cherished dream has come true. As an enthusiastic fan of uniqueness, individuality and creativity, we have long cherished the idea of ​​creating a tailor-made professional beauty product line.

We envisioned a concept where the interaction of special, well variable formulas and the therapist’s know-how creates miracles in cosmetics.

a personalized beauty care line

and here we are again with something new, something unique! The COSMIX product family from PANDHY’S ™ is completely new in its approach to skin care. 

The idea behind the concept is that we all are unique, and so is our skin, and so are our skin care needs and expectations.

Conventional skin care mainly treats skin types, COSMIX treats the client, treats real time needs, and acknowledges clients’ current priority. Our approach is having regard to the fact that the skin lives and is constantly changing, is interacting with the environment, affected by climate and surrounding conditions, sleep quality, diet, state of mind, stress, emotions and many-many others.

The COSMIX line is an innovative tailor-made, professional beauty care and therapy system, the precisely coordinated performance of exquisite formulas and highly skilled and attentive practitioners, with the client’s current needs and desires in the focus as the only priority .

COSMIX – your blend, your beauty line gives the therapist both the possibility and the responsibility to compose the appropriate treatment and blend the most suitable formulas to achieve the treatment goals.