floral spa

PANDHY’S ™ presents her carefully selected BeauTEA floral SPA herbal teas!

12 well-known, widespread and traditional herbs are offered from Europe to Asia. They should bring a multi-sensory experience and pleasure, as well as a valuable and completely natural remedy in the beauty salons and SPAs.

The BeauTEA line offers endless possibilities for the creative integration of teas into your treatment process:

  • First of all, all teas can be offered as a soothing refreshment, for cooling or warming up
  • Depending on the treatment objective and the corresponding indication, the tea water can also be used as facial mask, tonic or face wash.
  • Each of the teas can be put into a facial steamer, but you can also just put a tea bag in the device to extract the soothing scent in the steam.
  • The dry or brewed herbs can be added to the PANDHY’S ™ COSMIX line (Sugar Peel-off face mask).
  • The grated flowers can be a soothing addition to masks and scrubs.

BeauTEAs can also be recommended for home use.

Educate your client on how simply and with what versatility they can use them as part of their everyday beauty remedy, for facial, bath or hair rinse, and many-many more.

In our BeauTEA Book we intend to give comprehensive information about the flowers and herbs, their story and their benefits  to give you ideas and awaken your creativity.

Happy brewing!